Top 10 Best Luxury Cars

By on September 2, 2013

Do You love Cars or want to buy best Luxury Car? There are some selected top luxury cars in the market which are a favorite choice amongst car lovers. Below are the some of the selected best luxury cars you can think of.

10. Volvo S60

The next in the line is the Volvo S60. This D3 model comes with a diesel engine. This has very great fuel efficiency. The engine is up to six speeds, with manual transmission. It also comes with options of automatic mode. Check out a car with both automatic and manual modes in one. This is luxury and technology brought together.  It comes with a lot of safety features, and also has leather seats in the entire interior.

10 Volvo S60


9. Audi A8

This luxury car has been launched in India. The Audi A8 L 4.2 TDi Quattro is wonderfully luxurious.  With a V8 bi-turbo diesel engine, you will expect nothing but great performance from this. The innovation is not only on the engine. The interior gives you a lavish of thousands of dollars, with many other external features that makes the car very aesthetic. It has an all wheel drive system, and an 8 speed automatic gearbox. There are several luxury cars but this is one of the best luxury car.

9 Audi A8


8. Jaguar XJ

This is yet another one of the best luxury car. Jaguar knows how to come out with masterpieces, and this is no doubt one of those.  The greatness of this car makes it to garner the name Jaguar XJ ultimate. There are 3 main things that make this great car. The first is the fact that it comes with a very innovative design. The second is the fact that the interiors are lavishly designed for maximum comfort, while the third is the fact that it has a very powerful engine. For the records, the sound system has more than 20 speakers.

8 Jaguar XJ


7. Mercedes Benz E Class

This E63 has been launched in the markets, especially in India.  This comes with a 5.5 liter v8 engine just as expected. When you ride a car that is capable of giving you a power output of about 557bhp and 720Nm, then you know that there is no other luxury that is bigger than that. It is really a luxury car.  Power is transmitted to all the four wheels of the car through the 7G-Tronic transmission AMG Speed shift MCT.

7 Mercedes E


6. BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 series that was released by BMW in 2013, will hit the auto shops in Australia by the middle of the year.  This new baby comes with a lot of features. Perhaps, apart from the interior styling, you will also enjoy the contoured body and the new revamped rear lights and fog lamps. This also comes with a diesel variant as newly designed, and is called the 518d internationally. Among all top luxury cars this car is no doubt one of the top choices.

6 BMW 5


5. Mercedes Benz C Class

This is the auto brand that I call the father of all autos. Mercedes has never been overtaken in the world of car manufacturing. They have always kept their faith and have been in the forefront of providing great comfort for all that needs it through their cars. This C Class sports edition has a lot of sporty features, and also comes with the AMG styling for the interior. In the front of the car, you will experience refreshed styling that moves away from the traditional thing. It also has side skirts and bumper apron.

5 Mercedes C


4. Audi A6

The next in the line of luxury cars is the Audi A6. This seems to be exclusive to India. When Audi recorded 6,000 sales of its brand in India, it sought to reward the customers by coming out with the sedan A6. However, this new A6 has up to nine features that distinguish it from the former A6. These features include rear side headlights, MMI Touch, Comfort key, Bose surround sound system, and many others.

4 Audi A6


3. BMW 3 Series

Now, the truth about it is that if there is a car model or brand that has never lost its glory, it is the BMW 3 series that has been winning the prize of the best car in auto shows all over the world. It has been modernized since then, to the extent that it has up to 5 versions. But now, the 6th version has been unveiled and it is one of the most luxurious cars ever. It has a twinpower4 cylinder petrol engine that powers it. It also comes with 350Nm brake torque. The high point is its great fuel economy.

3 BMW 3


2. Audi A4

This is the next in the line of luxury cars. However, this car is making more waves in India, where it has 3 different versions. However, the new one is a departure from the old Audi A4, and it is endowed with numerous innovations and improvements on the old one. However, as much as the interior and performance is improved in the new A4, other things you will enjoy includes automatic start and stop. The steering system is electromechanical. It also has brake energy recuperation, with higher fuel efficiency

2 Audi


1. Jaguar XF 

Right from the time I became intelligible as a human being. I have always loved cars, and jaguars have been my passion. They produce cars that you will be proud to ride, and there is this conception that their cars are for the elites and barons. I don’t dispute this because they have not relented in this. The Jaguar XF is obviously the most luxurious car of 2013.  This was built by jaguar and land rover, and its features include a TV tuner, a rear view camera, electronic sunroof, touch screen, navigation system and an 8 speed automatic transmission. Finally, this is my choice of the best luxury car in the market.

1 Jaguar

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