Top 10 Most Famous Clock Towers in the World

By on June 8, 2013

Throughout centuries, people have managed to create impressive clock towers in various parts of the world not just because they look like great architectural creations, but because an urgent need to know what’s the time has always followed everyone. Moreover, in ancient times, not everyone had the luck to have a watch, so they were mostly guided by the big clock towers. Almost any big city is famous for a beautiful clock tower that stands in a prominent place proudly, whispering the time and making you hurry always!
Besides their primary function of telling the time, there are many impressive clock towers in the world that call tourists with their beauty. We suggest you take a peek at the top 10 most famous clock towers in the world worth visiting while on a vacation in their native cities!

10. Faisalabad

Faisalabad is one of the most fantastic clock towers in the world. It is an old and historic building. This splendid clock tower is located in Pakistan.

Top 10 Most Famous Clock Towers in the World

9. Royal Tower in Abraj Al Bait

This is a magnificent architecture that is considered to be the world’s tallest clock tower. If Burj Khalifa in Dubai didn’t exist, Abraj Al Bait would be considered the world’s largest hotel complex.

Top 10 Most Famous Clock Towers in the World

8. Clock Tower Rajabai

In some way this tower resembles Big Ben. It is considered one of the most magnificent clock towers in the world. The cost of the tower’s construction was unforgettable in India, as it was 200,000 rupees.
As many suicides have been committed from the tower’s top, the tourists aren’t allowed to go in. Besides, there is only one bell melody.

Top 10 Most Famous Clock Towers in the World

7. Seafarers’ Memorial Tower

This tower is situated in Montreal and is a monument for Canadian sailors who were the victims of the First World War. It was Edward VIII, who was the author of the tower’s foundation and according to the plan there were be 5 bells, which were to call every hour. Unfortunately, the plan wasn’t carried out. However, this tower is one of the unforgettable places.

Top 10 Most Famous Clock Towers in the World

6. Peace Tower

Peace tower is considered a symbol and a gravity of Canada, just like Big Ben. Peace tower was constructed after the horrible fire of Victoria Tower. Peace tower has 302 feet height and 53 bells.
Peace tower is very significant for the country and its image was printed on 20 and 50 Canadian dollars.

Top 10 Most Famous Clock Towers in the World

5. Allen Bradley

This clock tower is one of the best places of Milwaukee. It also got its place into the Guinness Book of Records. This tower is twice bigger than the famous Big Ben.

Top 10 Most Famous Clock Towers in the World

4. Zytglogge

If you are fond of medieval architecture, then you should visit Zytglogge tower in Switzerland. This tower is eight century old and it has been a jail and a gate wall.
The details of this architectural tower are very impressive. Here we should mention astronomical disks, Roman numbers on the façade and a frieze of the Greek gods.

Top 10 Most Famous Clock Towers in the World

3. Tsim Sha Tsui

This clock tower is situated in Hong Kong. Tsim Sha Tsui was also a part of railway station. This tower has 144 feet height. If you want to reach the top of the tower, you should go by wooden staircases.
For several years the tourists were able to enter the tower but then it was closed. Now, you can’t admire the total beauty of the tower. This tower is worth visiting if you plan to go to China.

Top 10 Most Famous Clock Towers in the World

2. Spasskaya Tower with Kremlin Chimes

This splendid tower is situated in Russia, on the Red Square. It was Pietro Solari, who created the clock for this tower. Here the chimes guarded Red Square.
Spasskaya tower is famous for its interesting history and charming appearance.

Top 10 Most Famous Clock Towers in the World

1. Big Ben

Our top ten leads Big Ben, which is considered to be the most famous clock tower in the world. This magical bell tower is situated in the northern part of the Palace of Westminster, in London. This tower is considered the symbol of the country.
Big Ben was constructed in 1858, and the international time is focused on Big Ben. Unfortunately, the visitors can’t enter the tower but the beautiful view from outside is enough to attract number of tourists.

Top 10 Most Famous Clock Towers in the World

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