Top 10 Most Beautiful Bridges In The World

By on January 2, 2013
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Bridges are one of the best architectural pieces. They connect districts of cities, countries and even continents. They make it possible to cross the ocean by a car, enjoy the beautiful scenery opening from the bridge heights. And next to this, some of the bridges serve as beautiful local symbols, making the places recognizable with the simple look of the bridge. Let’s have a look at the top 10 most beautiful bridges in the world that can hardly leave a passer-by indifferent!

10. Hangzhou Bridge, China

The longest bridge in the world is created by the largest populated country, and that is China. The Hangzhou Bridge in China has a length of 36 kilometers, which are crossing the ocean. The bridge is so popular that there’s even an option of having a virtual tour of the bridge. The structure of the bridge is not that unique, but the length of it says it all.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Bridges In The World - Hangzhou Bridge

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