Top 10 Attractions in Moscow

By on September 13, 2012
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Ambitious and pretentious, unique and luxurious, dazzling and full of life, Moscow lures travelers with its lights and atmosphere from small towns and large continents. Still it doesn’t believe in tears, and desperate enthusiasts come here again and again to conquer its haughty beauty and win a piece of happiness. Diving in this amazing, sometimes chaotic and violent world once, it’s very difficult to go back, no matter how hard sweet home is calling back. And all is so because Moscow knows how to lure and surprise. It’s really hard to resist its magical temptation, especially when you first step on its land and discover the gorgeous Moscow attractions. Sometimes it seems that life is bubbling here with an inexhaustible flow of new shocks and crashes, and sometimes that time stands still in the endless stream of traffic jam.
Today, Moscow is expanding its boundaries and acquires new buildings. Still, a piece of mysterious and fascinating old lives in the amazing sites and buildings, monuments and temples, broad avenues and thick alleys. All they make Moscow even more attractive and unique. And even though, you have never had the chance to wander through the boulevards of Moscow, you may still know the major attractions of Moscow. Here, we present to your attention the top 10 attractions in Moscow, which make the city so wonderful!

10. Poklonnaya Gora

Exactly here in 1812 did Napoleon wait in vain for the keys to Moscow. A century and a bit more later, Poklonnaya Gora houses the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Victory Monument, as well as three temples of three religions, in honor of soldiers who died in defense of their homeland. And in the Victory Park, there stands an obelisk with a statue of Nike at the top.

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