Top 10 Shortest People in the World

By on October 4, 2012
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People differ from each other by their appearance, their face features, body shapes and height throughout different nations. There are countries the people of which are of much height, mostly Americans and inhabitants of European countries and Africans. Yet there is still a small percent of people in these countries being relatively short. Mostly short people can be met in Asian countries, since the total height of the inhabitants of those countries is on a lower level as compared with Europe. By saying short we mean both short people and extra small ones, more correctly-tiny ones. Most of us do not know even that there are that short people worldwide. But you can still meet some among celebrities. Some of them gain much popularity in the career especially thanks to their height. Below we have gathered the top 10 shortest people in the world.

10. Bridget the Midget

Bridget the Midget is a nick name to a 32 year-old American pornographic actress. She is 1 meter and 34 centimeters tall (the tallest representative in our list). Since early ages she has been operated on several times, to correct her legs. But now she has only one straight leg, the other one points to the left. She is to wear a knee brace. Her first porn film was taken in 1999. In addition to porn films, she has played in movies of other genres as well. She also played the role of Tink in a 2010 film Big Money Rustlas.

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