Top 10 most Evil Men in History

By on October 19, 2013
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In history there have been people who have done some barbaric acts that made them rated as the most evil people in history. Here is a list of some of the men who are considered as the most evil in history;

10. Joseph Mengele(1911 – 1979)

He was commonly known as the “Angel of Death” mainly due to the acts that he committed to people. He was a doctor and he used his profession to subject people to great pains in the name of conducting experiments. He was the doctor who was charged with the task of selecting and sending Jews to the Auschwitz camp during the Hitler regime. His major experiments were on twins. He once tried to sew children together to test the theory of co-joined twins. He also poured chemical into the eyes of children so that he could see whether the eye color could change. He also tries inducing parents to kill their own children therefore making him among the most evil people to ever exist in history.

josef mengele


9. Saloth Sar (1925-1998)

He was a Cambodian revolutionary that subjected the citizens to huge amounts of pains under his regime. He ordered genocide in his own country that resulted in the killing of about 3 million Cambodians. He also ordered all schools shut down and an evacuation that saw many people affected. He ordered people to work in the fields no matter the varying conditions that people were in. the pregnant women and children were not excused therefore resulted in a huge number of people being affected as far as health was concerned. He also has numerous babies killed during his regime. He also liked keeping the skulls of his victims and their lives meant nothing to him.

Saloth Sar


8. Vlad Dracula (14731-1476)

He was the prince of Wallace and put people through a whole lot of pain during torture. His main torture technique was through impalement. The victims would be tied up and a blunt rod be inserted through any opening in the body. The blunt rod would be pushed until it eventually came out of the victim’s mouth. He often argues that the rod had to be blunt so that it moved slowly through the human body. The technique was used on people no matter the age or gender therefore subjecting people to a lot of pain. He also had his wife killed and the vital organs cut off.

Vlad Dracula


7. Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)

Whenever people talk about evil, this name comes to mind. He is known to have ordered propaganda against the Jews and had a lot of the killed. The Jews were sent to various concentration camps which had showered that emitted hydrogen cyanide over their heads. Others were sent to labor camps where they died due to the hard working conditions. He also has a breeding program in that if any child who did not meet his Nazi perfection was executed.

Adolf Hitler


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