Top 10 Underdeveloped Countries In the World

By on March 24, 2013

The world is such a big place that it’s hard to discover every single corner of it throughout your life and it’s even harder for it to develop the same way. While in Europe, Americas, Australia and Asia most of the countries are developing in full swing, in some places on the planet people still cannot even survive. The UN titles those countries underdeveloped, where the standard of living is below the average, the economy is underdeveloped and the population – uneducated, where the people don’t receive any support from the state. Although you may be living in a super-developed country and may be leading a prosperous life, keep in mind that almost fifty states on the planet are considered to be underdeveloped, most of which are situated in Africa. We suggest you take a look at the top 10 underdeveloped countries in the world below!

10. Eritrea – $432 Per Person

Eritrea is constantly at odds with its neighboring countries, which significantly slows down the development of the state. However, the country has an ideal nature and climate for traveling, which would play a great role in shaping the tourism infrastructures. Most of the local residents are illiterate.

Top 10 Underdeveloped Countries In the World - Eritrea

9. Guinea – $420 Per Person

In economic terms, the state can definitely be called poor, while its territory still has a lot of minerals that are not produced. The citizens of Guinea are in poor condition, while the literacy of the people is only forty percent for men and about twenty percent for women.

Top 10 Underdeveloped Countries In the World - Guinea

8. Madagascar – $391 Per Person

Being famous from the popular cartoon series, Madagascar is also known as one of the poorest countries in the world. Most citizens of Madagascar survive due to fishing and agriculture. The industry of the state is very poorly developed. Decimal currency isn’t applicable in Madagascar.

Top 10 Underdeveloped Countries In the World - Madagascar

7. Nigeria – $383 Per Person

Nigeria develops very slowly, because almost all its area stretches in the desert. Many areas of the country do not see rain for years. In this state, children very often die, which is very unfortunate. About thirty percent of the people of Niger are literate.

Top 10 Underdeveloped Countries In the World - Nigeria

6. Ethiopia – $364 Per Person

The state is very poorly developed, and the reason for that is the unstable relationship with the neighboring countries, which quite often escalates into an armed conflict and unstable political situation. The citizens rarely survive the age of 50 years, and the two per cent of the people are infected with HIV. One third of the population is not literate!

Top 10 Underdeveloped Countries In the World - Ethiopia

5. Malawi – $354 Per Person

Malawi is a small country in Africa, which doesn’t have a direct access to the open sea. However, the borders of the country are washed by Lake Nyasa, where the inhabitants are engaged in fishing. The land of Malawi is very fertile, especially in uncultivated coal and uranium. Besides, the state is blessed with a heavenly nature, ideal for traveling. Even in this state, Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. The citizens do not live longer than 55 years, and the eleven percent of the population are HIV positive.

Top 10 Underdeveloped Countries In the World - Malawi

4. Sierra Leone – $325 Per Person

Only half of the population in Sierra Leone is literate, while the other half lives by agriculture, getting natural food. Although the state is rich in mineral deposits, however, nothing is done in their production yet. The seventy percent of people is below the poverty line.

Top 10 Underdeveloped Countries In the World - Sierra Leone

3. Liberia – $226 Per Person

A string of civil wars in the country stopped only a decade ago. However, the economic situation of the state and its infrastructure are still in a poor condition. Most of the people do not live, but just survive. They don’t have money even for the basic things of prime necessity. Even the underground wealth of the country, including the gold reserves, doesn’t save the citizens from such an awful state.

Top 10 Underdeveloped Countries In the World - Liberia

2. Congo – $188 Per Person

Congo is the second largest country in Africa, rich in large deposits of uranium, various metals and diamonds. However, people hardly survive here. They rarely reach the minimum age of 55 years, while about four percent of the residents are diagnosed with HIV.

Top 10 Underdeveloped Countries In the World - Congo

1. Burundi – $177 Per Person

A series of civil wars and ethnic conflicts literally tore this small country. On average, the citizens live about 50 years, rarely – more. Only half the population is literate. The state is desperately short of medical personnel, in connection with which the tenth part of the population is a carrier of the dangerous virus of HIV. Only one percent of the country’s citizens have access to the Internet.

Top 10 Underdeveloped Countries In the World - Burundi

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