Top 10 Hottest Lingerie Models

By on September 11, 2012
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Women are obsessed with seductive and stylish lingerie designs and so are men. They love to see their beloved ones looking gorgeous in a hot set, resembling the beautiful models, who promote these pieces. It’s an undeniable truth that seductive lingerie would never look so stunning let there not be the famous lingerie models. They make each set special and alluring, but also perfectly promote the goodies, making us long for the pieces they are wearing. There are just beautiful lingerie models and special ones, who instantly hook our attention with their personality and own style. Here we present to your attention the top 10 hottest lingerie models that we all get inspired from.

10. Natalia Vodianova

This Russian beauty is not only one of the most successful and highest paid models in the fashion industry, but also a hot lingerie model, who caught the attention of the designers at French lingerie brand, Etam. Her hotness has helped her a lot to build a long-time collaboration with the brand, and the more she has worked for them, the more they understood that she can be a great lingerie designer too.

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