Top 10 Calcium Rich Products

By on January 18, 2013

No one will deny the importance of calcium in our organism. It is one of the essential vitamins needed for a healthy and strong development of our body. Calcium should be taken for having strong bones, teeth, muscle contraction, normal heart rhythm and hormonal regulation. It is one of the important components for a healthy diet. Especially it is an important element that should be added into a daily ration of pregnant women. The use of calcium in necessary amount will allow a healthy growth and formation of the baby bones. For instance, a glass of milk is an ideal source for calcium.
Whenever there is a calcium deficiency in a living organism, numerous diseases can rise all of a sudden. Among them is weakening and thinning of bones, osteoporosis (especially for women reaching the age for menopause). So in order not to face any problems, start taking calcium rich foods. There is a wide list of products that are rich in calcium. You are not fond of dairy products? Do not worry. You can choose vegetable, fruits, nuts and many other healthy foods that are rich in calcium. In order to learn which of the products of our daily intake include calcium, let’s have a look at the list of top 10 products rich in calcium.

Top 10 Calcium Rich Products

10. Grains

Corns, brown rice, tortillas, oats and wheat flour are rich in calcium. 50 gram serving of muesli, for example, contains 35 mg of calcium. A slice of whole bread contains 10 mg. of calcium. In addition to calcium, grains are also a source of carbohydrates and in general, are low in fat. But whole grains that are not refined are even healthier for one’s health, since they include fiber, selenium, potassium and magnesium that are all together very important nutrients. So to recharge your organism with healthy products have a rich breakfast consisting of either oatmeal, cereal with milk (2 types of calcium rich components at a time), or a piece of bread and cheese with a glass of orange juice. Make the right choice of products and you will never complain of any product deficiency.

Top 10 Calcium Rich Products

9. Beans

White, navy beans, black turtle beans, lentils are sources for calcium. The latter can be used cooked, baked and canned. You can use them in both salads or make tasty soups. 100 mg of calcium can be found in a small cup of baked beans.

Top 10 Calcium Rich Products

8. Orange

Orange, both raw or in the form of juice is another means for calcium intake. Fresh oranges are more preferable than the juice. However, if you do not buy the juice from a market, but make it at home, then it is healthier. Stew fresh oranges and get a good source of calcium. It’s especially advised to take fortified orange juice regularly in order not to lack calcium.

Top 10 Calcium Rich Products

7. Nuts (Almonds, Hazelnuts)

All of the nuts are rich in calcium. The highest concentration of calcium is present in almonds though. ¼ cup of almonds contains 75 mg of calcium. Other important sources of calcium are Brazil nuts, walnuts, pistachio and hazelnut. This is maybe the most universally approved means to arm up with calcium since these products are loved by everybody. Nevertheless do not get so addicted to these products, since they have a tendency to add weight.

Top 10 Calcium Rich Products

6. Fig

100 grams of fig contains 35 mg of calcium. Dried figs, however, contain more calcium: 250 mg of calcium in 100 gram figs. Like all other plants figs are cholesterol free. Fig has other important components in it. In addition to its containing calcium fig is also rich in potassium, magnesium, copper and iron. So, hurry up to get this product, since it has a variety of healthy elements in it.

Top 10 Calcium Rich Products

5. Cheese

Among dairy products cheese is considered as one of those containing the most amount of calcium. Different sorts of cheese contain different amount of calcium. Cream cheese has low level of calcium, whereas feta, mozzarella, parmesan and Swiss cheese are high in calcium, varying from 150-200 mg in each ¼ cup of serving.

Top 10 Calcium Rich Products

4. Sesame Seeds

¼ cup of the seeds contains 280 mg of calcium. Use this product to create delicate taste in your foods and enjoy your meal. However, there is a difference between hulled and unhulled sesame seeds. If taking hulled sesame seeds, then one tablespoon will have about 88 milligrams of calcium, whereas in the case of unhulled seeds we will have only 37 milligrams of calcium.

Top 10 Calcium Rich Products

3. Canned Seafood

Canned sardines, oysters, salmon and other seafood are rich in calcium.
Seafood is rich in vitamin D, which is necessary for our organism, since the latter helps to absorb calcium. These low fat diet foods are most recommended for those who have especially weight problems. Canned salmon and sardines are calcium-rich. A 100 serving of canned pink salmon (solid with bones) offers 180mg of calcium, while sardines (canned in oil) with bones provides more than 320mg.

Top 10 Calcium Rich Products

2. Broccoli and Other Green Leafy Vegetables

This representative of cabbage family can both be taken raw, boiled, steamed or cooked. In addition to its being a healthy product in general, it is also rich in calcium. This vegetable is much loved by everybody; they are used in numerous salads, appetizers and are really very tasty. The only bad thing of this product is its smell when being cooked.
Other green leafy vegetable like kale, spinach are also rich in calcium. A small cup of raw kale includes 90 mg of calcium, which means that you can take one serving of the raw kale and provide your organism with the necessary amount of calcium that normally one glass of milk contains. This is of course a good switch for those who do not like milk, yet think about their health and want to get the necessary daily supply of calcium. Spinach is, however, not encouraged to overtake, since it has high concentration of oxalate.

Top 10 Calcium Rich Products

1. Milk

The most widely known dairy product that is rich in calcium is milk. Intake of milk improves your nutrition and brings benefits to your organism. A glass (containing 300 mg of calcium) or two glasses of milk per day is enough to fill the lack of calcium. It is not by chance that milk is first thing newly born infants test. It is very important for their lives, for the strengthening of their bones.
If you cannot take milk separately, use it within other foods, like eating cereals or oatmeal with milk, or preparing milk shakes with fresh fruits. You can also drink milk with cacao as a hot chocolate. Soy milk is also preferable. Nevertheless, when choosing milk pay attention to the fat level in it, since the more fat there is, the less calcium it contains.

Top 10 Calcium Rich Products

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