Top 10 Greatest Romance Novels of All Times

By on August 31, 2012
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Romance books are one of the best read books. They are so smooth, emotional and sweet. Most of them are tied around a happy end love story, which is sound to be appealing for a large range of readers. The most read romances are gathering more readers each year, turning into lovely romance classics. If you are looking for a new touching story to read, look through the top 10 greatest romance novels of all times and pick one!

10. Dream Man, Linda Howard

The book is sometimes considered to be a rather mysterious detective rather than romance. Anyways the story is about Marlie Keen, who has ability to feel what’s on the mind of a series killer. Dane, who falls in love with Marlie struggles hard to help his girlfriend to find the killer. And then they find him, but something happens to Marlie then.

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