Top 10 tricks that men can’t resist

By on August 29, 2013

You’re a real lady, and you know how to behave yourself in the company, but there are lots of little tricks that you can employ that will get the men panting for more. The good news is, you don’t have to stop being ladylike to get it right!

10) Smile genuinely: This sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, nothing could be more beautiful and alluring than a natural, genuine smile! Sure, models strut their stuff on the catwalk with faces like thunder, but it doesn’t make anyone want to spend time with them, does it? A smile says you like someone, and everyone wants to be liked. False smiles, the famous ‘Pan Am’ smile with bared teeth and unsmiling eyes just don’t work. Anyone can recognize a fake without being able to put their finger on why it’s a fake.




9) Artfully applied make-up: Ladies, if you didn’t know this before, there’s no need to blush: lipstick reddens the lips in much the same way that arousal does. Did you ever wonder why it’s so popular? It’s just downright sexy without screeching ‘Here I am! Easy meat!’ The eyes look wider and more alluring with a bit of eye-make up, and anyone will tell you that a glowing complexion is super-attractive.

Research shows that even men who say they don’t like make-up prefer the looks of women who wear tastefully-applied, natural-looking cosmetics. The secret is simply to use the make-up to enhance your appearance, rather than overwhelming it with tacky layers and layers of goo.




8) Wear heels: That’s right: heels are one of the sexiest inventions out there for getting and keeping attention. What could be more alluring than the sight of shapely legs with well-defined claves, trim ankles and a nice, pert derriere? Heels help you to show off your natural assets by tightening the muscles, giving them better definition.


7) Dress to show off your curves: Obviously you don’t want to look ‘desperate’ in an overly revealing dress, but the gentlemen do like to see what shape you are, at the very least. Dress to emphasize your best features: trim waist? Well, why hide it? Nice legs? Above the knee is a good length – no need to make yourself insecure in a micro-mini if that’s not your style! Nice cleavage? A low top that doesn’t plunge so far that he can just about see your belly button is all that’s needed to give the hint. Shoulders can look so sexy in a strappy top – the secret is to draw attention to your best features. If you’re one of the lucky girls that ‘has it all’ resist the temptation to show too much skin. Subtlety is the key to man-magnetism.



6) Watch your body-language: If you act aloof, you’ll very likely be left alone. Who wants to spend time with a lady who actually looks down their nose at him? Lowering your chin and looking up at a man, on the other hand, is delightfully flirtatious without being ‘obvious’.

Be aware of the ‘little’ actions that can be oh-so-attractive: stretching a little. Straightening your clothes subtly: these are a great way to make temperatures soar without even trying!

If you’re hoping to be approached by someone at, say, a party – it’s best to hang out in a small group of friends near the centre of a room. If you’re lucky, and the man you really like is already with you, don’t adopt closed off body language such as turning away, folding your arms or crossing your legs away from him. He might not even be aware that he’s reading a lack of interest into your body language, but he automatically will.

6body language


5) Be confident: It can be difficult for naturally shy girls to appear confident, so make it easy on yourself: make sure you look great and are going to stay looking that way. Clothes that might ‘malfunction’ exposing more than you’d planned to are a sure way to make yourself terrified in a crowd.  Make sure that your bearing is upright yet relaxed and make sure you don’t get started with negative self-talk.  If you ‘feel’ insignificant, you’ll probably turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy, and who wants to spend time with the insignificant girl in the corner?




4) Make eye-contact: Don’t glare, don’t glance and glance away – unless you glance again straight away to re-enforce the message. Eye contact is a great way of telling a man that you think he’s rather sexy without coming right out and saying it to the embarrassment of everyone involved. The secret communication behind eye contact is incredibly alluring if it’s applied in the right way! If you’re actually talking to the man you’re attracted to, then eye-contact becomes even easier and more natural.

4eye contact2315_1280


3) Make use of the power of touch: There’s no need to be all over a fellow like a bad rash, but a light touch on the hand can be electrifying. Touch brings people closer together and helps them to form a connection.  Don’t overdo it, but feel free to take his hand, or allow hands to brush against each other when giving or receiving some item.

3 touch


2) Stay positive: You can be wearing the sexiest dress and the most dangerous stilettos, you might have oodles of confidence and everything else, but if you don’t get this one right, you’ve lost your man. Complaining about work colleagues, about the venue, the food – anything you decide to vent about makes you bad company. Being ‘bad company’ is way worse than being ‘dowdy’ or having a less than perfect figure.

2stay positive


1) Make him feel masculine:  Every man wants to feel respected and admired. Did you think only women care about compliments? Make him feel manly and better than other men. If you don’t genuinely feel that way about him, don’t even try. You should be spending your time elsewhere. Let him know that you think he’s really ‘cool’. Notice and comment on things that he does that you like.  Even if you get everything else wrong: this one factor could be the one that gets you the man of your dreams!

1feel masculine


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