Top 10 Most Unusual Animals on the Planet

By on October 1, 2012
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Animals are friends for people. These devoted creatures of the nature have played a great role in the lives of people. Even nowadays, there are millions of people who are dependent on their beloved pets. One can have no kid, but can’t help keeping dozens of cats all around his house. Of course, this is a natural thing for everybody, to have domestic pets, but when it comes to such animals, like armadillo, Angora rabbit or a wombat, hardly anyone will dare come even closer to them. Below we represent a list of top 10 most unusual animals on the planet.

10. Pedetes

These rodents, natives of Eastern Africa, are the only representative of the rodent family. They can easily climb high when they feel danger. The length of its jumping is generally counted to reach 3 meters. But in some cases the length may vary and thus this animal becomes subject of comparison with a kangaroo. Pedetes are easily tempted and within 2 or 3 weeks they can be easily ruled.

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